17 January, 2011

The Script

This is a response to one of the posts of the "king of Romania", which I admit, is more romanian than me.

The Communist Script: kinder-garden, basic school, get a ‘diploma’, “repartie” to a useless job in a new town, the same “repartitie” to a hew house for free, marry, have children, let the system start the script again, be proud of your children getting a “job in the new town” help your children with your PCR: “pile, cunostinte, relatii”. Take care of your elder parents.
There is a dark, insidious Romanian Script since even before the communist era:
Love (more) only one of your children, usually the youngest, usually the other gender son. Help him more with money hidden from your spouse.
Bother your brother he has no boy to bear the name.
Expect help from your child when you are old (see above). Even if that means to not allow your child pursue his happiness abroad.
Save as much as you can to give a house to your children _after_ you pass away. Don’t mind if the money are needed for your health or your children before.
Invest a lot in the cult of death. In preparation of “pomana” swear the God.